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Item No.: 17
1.product brief
2.frame and panel
3.fan and motor
6.use and maintaining
Production Brief
Air Handling Unit is designed and manufactured according to GB/T 14294-2008 "Air Handling Unit" on the basis of absorbing European and American technology combined with domestic air-conditioning technology.
General specification:
Cooling capacity: 100Tr(350kw)
Header pipe: 6,  Copper material
Actuator valve: with Motorized Valve with complete set.
ESP:80mm WG
Air on-Coil Temperature :24C-26C DB & 15C-19CWB
Air off -Coil Temperature:13C-14C DB & 11C-12.5CWB
Water on-Coil Temperature:6C~7C
Fame and panel

The outer frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy.
double skinned casing panel with polyurethane foam insulation
Thickness: 50mm
Density :40 kg/m3
Base:stainless steel material
Fan and motor

.Fans use international famous brand motor.
Adopt DIDW double inlet air, double wide distance high efficiency low noise centrifugal fan.
. Fans bearing adopts famous brand products, with self-aligning and self-locking functions. The wind maneuver balance accuracy reaches G4.0, which greatly extends the service life of the bearing.
The motor and fan are connected by a belt, and there are various combinations according to the size of the unit.
Power supply:AC400V-3 ph-50Hz
Type: TEFC type, IP55, Class F
Power input:30kw
Air Volume:35000cfm(60000 m3 / h)

Copper tube through hydrophilic aluminum fins
Copper pipe diameter: 1/2"
Fin thickness: 0.15mm
Fin Spacing: 10 FPI
Number of rows of cooler 6 rows
Sensible cooling:260kw
Total cooling capacity:350kw
Header pipe: 6,  Copper
Note:  Maximum working pressure: 1.6M Pa = 16BAR (test pressure: 2.5MPa)
•Filtration standard: G4
•Filter material · Non-woven fabric
Drawing and Dimension

Use and maintaining

Noted when use
*Before starting the air handling unit, check whether the water and electricity systems are normal, check whether the fasteners are tightened, and whether the valves are open and closed freely.
* Before starting the fan, first check whether there is foreign matter in the fan volute, then turn the fan impeller by hand to check whether there is collision or friction between the fan impeller and the volute, and whether the bearing is damaged to make an abnormal noise. If there is no abnormality, the fan can be started to operate normally.
* The unit must not be started with the air valve fully open to avoid burning the motor due to excessive starting current. When the unit is running without load, the air outlet should be blocked for 3/4 to prevent burning the motor.
*When starting the machine, the fan should be turned on first, and then the heater, surface cooler, and humidifier should be turned on; when turned off, the cold water, hot water, and steam lines should be turned off first, and then the fan should be stopped. If it is the water spray system of the water spray room, the fan should be turned on first, and then the water spray pipe should be turned on, and then turn off the fan and then turn off the water spray room.
*It is strictly forbidden to close the supply and return air valves suddenly when the air supply and return fans of the air conditioner are in normal operation, otherwise it will easily cause overpressure and damage the structure of the cabinet.
*In case of sudden power failure during the operation of the unit, the heat medium pipeline should be closed immediately to prevent the temperature in the box from becoming too high and deforming the relevant parts
*After the new unit has been in operation for one month, the tightness of the belt and the looseness of the fasteners should be checked. If the above phenomenon occurs, the motor and impeller bearing fixing bolts can be readjusted and tightened.
*The water and steam lines of the surface cooler, heater, water spray chamber and humidifier should be kept clear. In the season when the equipment is out of service, the heat exchanger should be filled with water (the water outlet valve should be closed first, and then the water inlet valve should be closed) to reduce the corrosion of the pipeline.
*During shutdown, when the ambient temperature of the heat exchanger is below 5 ° C, the residual water in the heat exchanger tubes must be drained. If the residual water cannot be drained, antifreeze should be added to the tube to avoid freezing the coil.
*The air release valve of the heat exchanger should be opened frequently to eliminate the air inside the heat exchanger, so that the cold and heat medium water can maintain normal circulation flow in the heat exchange tube.
* For the spray chamber (section), the water level of the water tank should be flush with the overflow of the overflow, and the float valve should be kept flexible and the water supply is normal. The water filter of the overflow should be cleaned once every 1-2 months to prevent fibrous debris from clogging the filter holes. Always check whether the nozzle is clogged, and if there is a clogging phenomenon, it should be cleaned up in time.
* When the resistance of the initial and medium-efficiency filter sections reaches twice the initial resistance (ie the final resistance), the filter material needs to be cleaned or replaced. For the commonly used non-woven fabric filter material, it should be patted or blown back with compressed air, and then cleaned with soapy water or detergent before it can be reused. When cleaning, be careful not to stretch the fiber structure, try to keep the original porosity unchanged.
* Normally, the reuse rate of filter media is no more than 3 times.
*The air-conditioning unit should be fully maintained after 2-3 years of operation. Use chemical methods to remove the scale in the water pipe of the heat exchanger, flush the fins of the heat exchanger with compressed air or water to remove the dirt and dust on the surface of the heat exchanger, and ensure the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger.
*For the muffler section equipped with a micro-perforated plate muffler, compressed air should be blown once every quarter to prevent the dust and dirt on the surface from clogging the small holes and reducing the muffler effect.
*Regularly check the sealing of the wall panels of each functional section. If the sealing material is aging, it should be replaced in time to ensure the airtightness of the air conditioning unit.
*Check the electrical equipment of the unit regularly to prevent leakage.
*When the fan is running normally, the bearing temperature rise should be less than 40C. Fan bearing needs to be lubricated once after 1500-2000 hours of operation

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